Limo hire scams- can blow-off your pocket and overall travel experience

Limousines are the luxurious and elegant mode of transports for every special occasions and events. These high-end vehicles with their unmatched luxury and high glamour quotient have become the first choice ground transport when it comes to travel in style. Moreover, the services that come along with limousines act a power booster to the travel expectations of the clients. No doubt limousine hire to any kind of event provides utmost level of relaxation and stress-free experience in terms of safety, luxury and comfort but there are several cases and complaints popping up everyday where people are complaining bad limo experience due to being scammed by few limo companies. If you are planning to rent a limo for your event, it is suggested to be aware of common limo rental scams and follow few things to keep yourself far away from the chances of being fooled or scammed by any limo companies.

Unanticipated vehicle:

It has been reported that fraud limo companies presents different limousine to their clients on the day of deal finalization and sends another limo on the event day. The main idea behind this activity is to earn huge margin by offering cheap limo model against expensive one. One of the best ways to ensure you are availing the same limo you have chosen is to take few pictures of the limo and note down the vehicle ID number while making bookings.

Overhead internet charges:

Fraudulent limo companies charges an overhead expense to their client for internet access. But in actual the internet or WIFI access cost is always included in the package. There must be no extra charges to pay for internet access. Therefore, it is suggested to make a clear understanding with your service provider that whether they charge extra expense for internet connectivity or not.

Hidden charges:

This is one of most common complaint made by people that they faced hidden charges with last minute surprises by their limo service providers that gave an unexpected bang on their bucks. Fraud limo companies charges their clients an additional expense including fuel charges, toll tax fares, chauffeur’s tip, insurance cover expense and lot more. Therefore it is suggested to have a deep discussion on the overall limo pricing structure and get everything in written before finalizing any deal.

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