The Gold Coast offers the perfect backdrop for a large number of sporting and entertainment events. It has world class stadiums and venues catering to the local teams and also the events of international scale. The city puts on a good show for major music festivals, PGA Golf Championship, Motorsport Racing Gold Coast 600, football games and many participation events, including Gold Coast Marathon and half distance Challenge Gold Coast triathlon and the Gold Coast Airport Marathon.

However, if you are interested in attending any of the events in the region, give us a call.  We let you enjoy the event completely without having to worry about driving, traffic and parking. Our door to door service is the best way to get to the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center, The Gabba, Cbus Super Stadium, Metricon Stadium and QPA, Carrara Stadium and lots more.

Events of the month

Diversity Gold Coast

Get ready to be a part of this event to be held on Saturday 3 June in Gold Coast Chinatown, Southport CBD. It is organized to celebrate Queensland’s birthday with great pomp and show. Book your tickets and experience ultimate fun with your squad. We offer posh limo ride along with professional chauffeur to handle your entire transportation. While you sit back and relax, you will be taken to the event venue in a timely manner.

Cooly Rocks on 2017 – Car Cruises 

If you are in a Gold Coast, don’t miss a chance to see Australia’s number one nostalgia festival. Accompanied with nightly cruises, rockabilly music, and lot of dancing; this festival is to be organized in Southern Gold Coast and Tweed from 7 June to 11 June. Book our exotic vehicle and give yourself a chance to ride in the most stylish manner. Leave the worry of driving on our trained chauffeurs. You can have unforgettable experience while riding in our limousine.

SEED Vol.6 

Whether you are a locale or a tourist, don’t miss the live music launched by Seed Album. This music show is going to be held at Night Quarter on Friday 9 June.  It will showcase the best young talent from the Queensland Conservatorium and Griffith University Popular Music program. Don’t miss this golden opportunity. Book your tickets and make your itinerary; rest leave its flawless execution unto us. Our well-equipped fleet of limousine offers you the desired amenities and makes your ride an exciting experience. You will reach the venue prior the commencement of your event.

Battle of the Bands

Get ready to enjoy the live band performance of talented 12 bands from local secondary schools. They will rock the stage at TAFE Qld Gold Coast on Thursday 15 June. If you interested to be a part of the event, book a personalized limo ride with us. While you are with us, we assure you of no traveling delays. You don’t have stress yourself in maneuvering through jam packed roads. Just call us for your bookings.

Event transfers on the Gold Coast provide a convenient and efficient way for attendees to get to and from various events, including conferences, concerts, festivals, and sporting events. Whether you’re planning an event or attending one, event transfers can make the transportation aspect of your experience much smoother. Here’s an overview of event transfers on the Gold Coast:

Types of Event Transfers:

  1. Shuttle Services: Shuttle services are often organized for larger events, such as music festivals or conferences. These services typically have designated pick-up and drop-off points, making it easy for attendees to access the event venue.
  2. Private Transfers: Private transfers are a more personalized option, where attendees or event organizers can arrange for private vehicles, such as limousines or vans, to transport them to and from the event.
  3. Public Transportation: For some events, public transportation options like buses or trams may be available. Event organizers often collaborate with local transportation authorities to provide additional services or extended hours during events.

Benefits of Event Transfers:

  1. Convenience: Event transfers eliminate the need for attendees to worry about finding parking or navigating through traffic. They can focus on enjoying the event.
  2. Safety: Event transfers can help ensure the safety of attendees, especially if alcohol is being served at the event. Attendees can leave their cars behind and rely on designated transportation.
  3. Reduced Traffic Congestion: By encouraging attendees to use event transfers, traffic congestion around the venue can be reduced, making it easier for everyone to access the event.
  4. Environmental Benefits: Encouraging the use of event transfers can have environmental benefits by reducing the number of individual vehicles on the road, thus decreasing carbon emissions.

How to Arrange Event Transfers:

  1. Event Organizer Coordination: If you are organizing an event, consider coordinating with local transportation providers to arrange event transfers. They can help you plan routes, schedules, and pricing.
  2. Attendee Information: As an attendee, look for information provided by the event organizer about available event transfer options. This information is typically included on the event website or in event-related materials.
  3. Pre-Booking: In many cases, attendees may need to pre-book event transfers to secure their spot. This is common for private transfers and shuttle services with limited capacity.
  4. Pricing: Event transfer pricing can vary depending on the type of service and the event. Be sure to check the cost and payment options when booking.
  5. Pick-Up and Drop-Off Locations: Be aware of the designated pick-up and drop-off locations for event transfers. These details are usually provided in advance to attendees.

Event transfers on the Gold Coast are designed to enhance the overall experience of event-goers. Whether you’re an event organizer or attendee, considering event transfer options can help ensure a seamless and enjoyable event experience while addressing transportation needs efficiently.